What families are saying



"I have so many great things to say about your class, it is hard to keep it simple, I could write a book on how wonderful it is.  We really are so grateful for you!  Thank you.   Our family is looking forward to another semester of classes under your enthusiastic guidance. In the past two series of classes your inclusiveness has garnered a lot of confidence in our children. It is awesome to watch our shy observant daughter mimicking the motions she saw in class or talk about what the other kids were doing.  The class teaches our children more than just music too, patience (waiting for scarves, shakers or instruments) and sharing those items also.  And then there is our infant son, who slept through most of the classes, but when he wasn't sleeping he was slapping his knees and trying to sing along.   Your class is the perfect fit for our family."  Penticton family


"I know [the child's grandma]  told you, but truthfully [my son] has just blossomed into his own, with more confidence and independence than I’ve ever seen.  He’s actually lead my older son into letting loose-and being more carefree and dancing again!  So cool to see.  Our [youngest son] is learning to dance it up and we had to make up a new “baby sign” for music- as he grunts as he passes by our music player- he loves to have music on and be bounced around!

He’s also learned on his own these spinning airplane moves that always make him fall to the ground from dizziness- yet he’s smiling the whole time (and way down!).


Thanks for ALL that you do!"   Summerland family


"Suddenly in the last couple of weeks she is singing / reciting whole songs! It's amazing. Thanks for offering such an awesome program!"

Penticton family